Almost There

Rei here,

My exams are almost over! I have tonnes of videos to edit and projects to catch up on ^^,,

Meanwhile, views are rising, and I'm getting followers. Happiness.

Also~ I won Julie Bit's Giveaway. Awaiting my parcel of joy and goodies. :3

Sophie and Toffee is also having a giveaway. As usual, do up a review/process video or blog post to enter.
(Also, Sophie and Toffee's Facebook giveaways.) I have a couple of ideas already. Can't wait!

To-do list (hopefully)

- Eraser review
- Stamp kit (love this so much)
- Dessert ADC kit (ADC = Air dry clay)
- Pencil cap eraser
- Doughnut Chocolate Kit

- Golden Cookie
- Japanese Sweets

Clay Reviews
- Grace Mix
- Daiso ADC experiment
- Fuwa Fuwa
- Hearty Soft 

Japanese Novelty Candy
- Meiji Hore Hore Treasure Hunt (Strawberry and Chocolate)
- Popin Curry
- Popin Gummyland
(The sheer amount of candy here makes me feel like I'm gonna get diabetic OTL)


I will also be making tutorials if I can. Want to be the first to know? Subscribe to RainbowSashimi. (Gosh, such a kiddy name xD) And follow my blog! :D

Not to mention, I have to doodle up avatars and cover pictures for my Face BookYouTube..

(Now that I listed them out, I feel so overwhelmed.)

So please do connect to my various platforms and watch me suffer and toil through this list! :'D

See you soon!


Juliebits OctoberCredits t Giveaway~

Look at the lack of updates! 

I'm so sorry! My exams are coming up. When it's over in 6 weeks, I have lots of videos to edit and post~

Quick post here on Juliebit's October giveaway. I used to watch her on my old blogger account couple years back.

Picture credits to Juliebits' post.

That looks good right? There's more stuff she's giving away so do check her out here :3

It's simple to enter and there's nothing to lose right? Just follow her easy steps and try your luck xD

Also, lil shout-out to my first follower! *happiness*

Thank you and sorry for the wait! :D 


Daiso Cabochons

Hi guys!

It's been very very long since I've blogged.

I have filmed a few videos here and there, but haven have the time to edit them, as mentioned in my earlier post. I'm really busy, especially since my Cambridge "A" level examinations are coming up in less than 80 days!

I'm rather happy~ ^^
My YouTube channel is gaining subscribers! I have 23 subbies now! Do subscribe to me too ;D

Here's a quick post from me today, about Daiso Deco Stickers!

These are sold 5 in a pack for SGD $2! Really cheap in my honest opinion, since each cabochon is effectively $0.50.
The quality of most of them are pretty good.

I'm comparing them to those sold in Sophie and Toffee.
A few of these designs can be found there. I'll make some comparison. Those found on S&T have similar quality.

Choco bar in Sophie and Toffee ($0.70) comes in more colours and is less dark. Daiso's choco bar is nearly black! @_@ But the quality is there <: br="br" nbsp="nbsp">
Waffle ($0.70) in S&T has deeper grooves, more detailed.

Yellow Ice Cream ($0.60) I LOVE this. Super cute! It's on my DS now ^^

I love you Ice Cream ($0.50) They use to have the pink one, I guess it's sold out.

Lollipop ($0.60) Cuteness~

Doughnut ($0.70)

Cake slice ($0.80) Technically it's different colour.

*I swear that choice cookie at the right bottom is freaking cute*

But why I bought them was because it's cheap and affordable. And my plan was to find mold making material so I can use these cabochons as masters to create molds. ^^,

Why is it called Deco Stickers?

This is because the manufacturers stucked double sided tape to the back of the cabochons!

But!! It's easily taken off, without damaging the cabochon ^^

Peel of the top layer and stick it straight on your phone or anything. The tape is pretty strong. The ice cream on my DS is still there. I pulled the ice cream out once in a while cause I'm bored. It pulls off cleanly with some effort and the cover isn't stained with anything.

Disclaimer here! I'm not telling you not to buy from S&T. I've purchased from them quite a fair bit. But I happened to chance across Daiso's cabochons and decided to share it. Both have their pros and pros.

Ahh, I feel like going on a shopping spree at S&T now!! Anyone want to gift me a gift voucher because I'm amazing like that? ^^ Hehe~

Thank you for your kind attention!


Where to buy Popin' Cookin?

Hey there~

Here's a quick post to where to get Popin' Cookin.

Ever since 2009, when rrcherrypie updated a video with Popin' Cookin, Kracie's candy series has taken the world by storm! (maybe an exaggeration here..)

People have mixed reactions. I enjoy looking at the videos and would love to taste such food, just to see what powder and water can become. It's really amazing.

My friend tried it and didn't like it. I have friends that love the taste! And then I have friends with zero interests, as well as one who feels the whole idea is gross ^^; I enjoy the whole idea of this novelty candy and love to try new things out and just be adventurous. You may or may not enjoy the taste, but you'll DEFINITELY enjoy the experience and trying new things out :3

So where do you get them? These are novelty candy selling for 200-400 yen in Japan. However, due to freight charges, it becomes rather expensive to get them.

In Singapore, you can get them from these 2 shops.

Firstly, LoveMelancholy. [ I rate 5/5 base on price and service]

I adore her! Extremely friendly and nice as long as you don't spam them or anything.
They sell ONLINE ONLY! SHIPS OVERSEAS! (Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW the new LoveMelancholy OVERSEAS SHIPPING outside of Singapore available too!)

They sell each Popin Cookin kit for SGD 9.
They also sell Happy Kitchen, Neru Neru Ne, and more.

I often buy from them. They also sell most of the Kutsuwa DIY eraser or clay kits, also at affordable prices!

Next place you can go to is CandyPlay. [I rate 3/5 base on price and service]

They have RETAIL SHOPS and sell ONLINE too. But they DO NOT ship overseas.

But I don't really like them.

Online, each box costs SGD 9.50
Offline, in the retail shops where they rent lockers, it's SGD 10.90

But what gets me isn't the price! Which is defintely more expensive. 
It's the service! It's not friendly and doesn't feel sincere!
Especially when you are using social media, all the more you should be more friendly. Right?

Once, I joined this competition and I mailed them in regards to this rule flouter that was genuinely making people mad. No replies. They are pretty ok, not that bad, it's my personal preference.

Recently I won their Trivia Question giveaway, because I'm such a Geek in this.

Side story:
I won the first question by chance. The last question, they opened up to past winners. The question was, which candy did they first stop selling. I followed this since 2009! I knew my stuff! I was the only person with the right answer ^^
Pure geek happiness! 

I mailed them my address, and they didn't reply. Even when they did, after I mailed them to ask if they receive the message, they simply replied with a single word: "noted". You may think I'm being silly, but I really believe that they could be friendlier. "noted", without caps even, just sounded to distant and unfriendly. I rather a formal sounding reply, like what they use in the public posts. Or maybe it's just me.

LoveMelancholy mails out packages, at least for mine, in a nice, securely taped, brown paper envelop, and bubble wrapped the goods nicely, as seen in my haul post.

Candyplay, on the other hand, mailed out my 3 packages of candy, with this white paper, wrapped around and taped to secure the ends. By the time I got the package, the white paper was already crumpled badly. There wasn't bubble wraps, and my candies got abit.. crushed.

As you can tell, I'm rather biased here. But I do believe there are pros and cons.

Candyplay have many retail shops. For those who prefer to see the goods, and get it right away, Candyplay is for you. They sell online too, BUT...!

Love Melancholy is cheaper and based online. If you don't mind waiting, or enjoy the excitement of having packages in your mail, LoveMelancholy is for you.


Ok, if you live in MALAYSIA, Candy Play has an outlet in Malaysia, you can check out their page.

But I believe that you can also buy from LoveMelancholy, because she ships overseas too. (:
(Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW LoveMelancholy :3, OVERSEAS SHIPPING outside of Singapore available too!)
Malaysia is still near enough, so shipping charges shouldn't be that expensive.
You can see the official SingPost data on her webpage to estimate the shipping charges. I'm not very sure though, because I obviously live in Singapore ^^ Haha~

Other places,

JapaneseCandyKit, very friendly and holding Giveaways (4/8/12 discontinued till further notice). Support them (: Based in USA, USD

JBox, who sells tonnes of other goods from Japan. Can get pricey, especially with many other Japanese goods in the site. Self control should be exercised if you want to keep your paycheck.
Based in America, priced in USD

Mode4U, sells Kutsuwa, as well as Popin' Cookin and many more stationery items.
Based in Hong Kong, priced in EUR.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!



So sorry I haven updated for more than a month!
I have quite some stuff to update, but I can't find the mood or time to edit the videos!

You may feel, "Just update with pictures! It's okay if there isn't a video!!"
But to me, I feel that having a video makes my posts unique to myself. And I rather not update posts with the video in future.

Recently, there's been quite some family, as well as personal matters getting me down.
I haven felt very well lately too.

However, I'm still happy that there are many visitors from all over the globe. I feel happy seeing my posts reach out to so many people that share similar interests! ^^

Thank you!


Furitama Ball

Finally manage to edit the video!

Could not find the files, and I filmed this a month ago!

Again, I got this candy kit from LoveMelancholy. Furitama Ball series has been discontinued. On to the review~

Easiness - 9/10
Super uber duper easy~ Just pour the powder then water and water and powder and viola~!
As always, the Japanese makes sure that the instructions are easy to follow. The powder are all labeled or colour coded for easy reference..

Taste - 7.5/10

The gummy tastes just as most Popin' Cookin. Very, cold, soft, slightly gross texture, that taste of grape. There are little candy bits in the gummy.

The foam is AMAZING! And don't worry about not being able to taste that foam! Gumi Tsureta has similar tasting foam! LoveMelancholy sells that too. It tastes sweet and sour and fizzy. Hard to describe, but real nice!

I made use of cookie cutters to make shapes. I know sakura viewing season is over, but oh well (:

Hope you enjoyed!


Haul from Love Melancholy


My parcel from Love Melancholy has arrived O(≧∇≦)O It's a parcel of Japanese sweets and toy goodness!
(Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW the new LoveMelancholy. :3) 

I went ahead I got myself a Peach Neru, a Mystery Nazo (which has been discontinued and out of stock) and a Kutsuwa Kit!

On the box of the clay kit, it says desert! But I think sweets or candy is more suitable! The actual sweets kit has tarts and waffles! Looks more like deserts suits it more, compared to a kit with candy and kompeito!

Review of LoveMelancholy's site!


LoveMelancholy sells all the Kracie Popin' Cookin' and Happy Kitchen. They also stock Neruneru, Gumi Tsureta, also by Kracie and Meiji Takoyaki candy! The newest, upcoming product is the Candy Tree.

LoveMelancholy all sells Kutsuwa Eraser and air dry Clay Kits! She got ALL the range of the Eraser Kits, and most of the air dry Clay Kits!

They have the newest Eraser kits; Squid Bread, Lollipop and Taiyaki! The Taiyaki set is in my shopping list!
Also, there are the Deluxe kits and the lesser known bread shop kits and more!

Wide range of novelty sweets and toys from Japan!


They have good, friendly services and will not bite as long as you adhere to their terms and conditions! 

I have purchased from them for many times. Very trustworthy and reliable.

They wrapped the goods in bubble wrap so it will not be dented by the postman too. (^ ^)

They are not available to answer to you immediately, so do respect their space! 
LoveMelancholy  ships overseas too! Just drop them an email!


Very good services! Enjoying purchasing from them and definitely will continue buying from
LoveMelancholy again.


Whipple in Singapore

Yes! Get that right!

Whipple in Singapore! Cheers for overrated hyped up DIY Japanese craft kits because of a certain Youtuber. Hehe.

Remember in my Day Out for Avengers post? I showed you that Takashimaya Departmental store in Ngee Ann City in Singapore had Whipple kits!

Is Orchard road/city too far for you? Do you live in the West?

Check out Kiddy Palace in Jurong Point! (Ok, that is really far in the East)
Yes, I filter-raped this image

There are obviously a lot less kits here. Tart, Macaroon, Doughnut, Cookie kits and White Whipple Cream Refill. Prices are pretty much the same. The good thing is, you wouldn't need to travel down to Orchard to buy them! I mean, if you live near to Jurong Point anyway.

(I arranged the boxes neatly. Somehow I tend to do that a lot, even in supermarkets.)

But you know what this means? It means that Kiddy Palace stocks these kits! And you can probably ask the Kiddy Palace outlet near you if they can transfer stock over!

I also heard that John Little has these kits, but the Jurong Point John Little does not have them. Maybe other outlets have them. Not very sure.

Hope this helps! Cya!


Review: Grace Clay

It's me~

I made a FB page!

Today, I will be sharing a review on Grace Clay. Watch out for the long post! (Realise I get rather lengthy. Sorry!)

It is a type of air dry resin-type clay, made with base material of cereal flour. Here's my Youtube viddy on Grace Clay. I will touch on the same point I brought up in the video, throw 'em in this post and add more stuff. (:

Once again, if you have read my Haul Update recently, you can purchase Grace Clay (200g a pack) from Sophie and Toffee for SGD $25.50. You can use this coupon code ( JCSV6NC) for a 10% discount!


I like the packaging. It's really a lot smaller than what I expect when I see pictures of it online. A lot of items I get in real like surprise me as they are a lot smaller. (Only Hearty surprised me cause it was bigger than expected.) So inside, there are 2 tubes of clay, 100g each. This is nice as it allows you to open 100g and keep the other tube fresh as the packaging is airtight.

HOWEVER! Here is a picture of the Grace Light I wanted to buy. It dried up. Air somehow entered the tube, which was supposed to be airtight. 

Lots of air inside
Not a good sign? Well, these pack of Grace Light and Grace were clearance stocks that were kept for years. It does show us though, that it is not totally airtight, and you should still keep the tube of clay properly, lest this happen. It might also happen you your pack of Grace too! And Grace isn't very cheap. (well, neither is Grace Light)

They are clasped tight with a metal... clip? You can't tear it off. Only snipping the plastic will work. Not much a problem with you make sure you don't cut the clay and throw them away too.

Overall: Not too bad. Though, due to the air in the tube thing, I gave lower points.


No need for scoring as this relative to your preferences (:  I'll go through my feel on this clay.

Dries translucent- Add white so it dries a solid colour. This is an important property to remember. You can toy around and experiment. I saw people using this to make fruit slices.
Becomes more translucent after varnish. (

Elasticity- Not too sure about this. many sites say it is elastic. I try my revived Grace Light and it is.. well, soft? But this clay cracked. Not too sure what to do about that. But..

Cracks seen

Dries Hard- 
It dries hard, so will be sturdy. If you bent it when it is drying, it will leave a white indentation. Or if the bend portion is thin, that portion my be more fragile.

Can be Coloured- With pastel, water colours, acrylic, poster paint etc. All works. I think water colour leaves it more translucent than poster or acrylic. Not too sure.

An example to the point I'm bringing up now
Colour dries a lot darker- So if you want a light purple, add minimal paint. Or it may turn out really dark!
See the panda?
I added black paint into white clay. Black + White = Grey. Logic.
It dried black though.

Colour may run-
When varnishing my Panda charm, which I used black pastel, the colour ran. (Sorry, no pictures! My hand was rather messy with varnish) And messed up the bear.
Be careful. Likely that the darker the colour, the likelier it is to run.

NOT Water resistant- This is the point which was ambiguous. Depending on source, it would say it is water resistant of not. So the test~
When I wanted to varnish my panda, and the colour ran, I thought of washing it.
It killed the panda. (*゚ロ゚) The panda has 'slimmed down' and details ran.
The clay  is very water soluble. Dissolved very quickly.
Find a good varnish. Varnish is water resistant. Do not throw it in water and expect it to come out without damage.

Holds details moderately ok- Details like macaroon feets may 'spring back' a little. It's the resin in it.

Is heavy- Depends on whether you like heavy clay charms or not, because Grace is rather heavy.

Sticks well- I stuck the panda ears, hands, legs and tail together and they stuck well together after awhile. Very good (⌒_⌒) But do not pull on it and expect it to remain undamaged. It will have a whitish mark left (refer to my point on elasticity) 

Overall, Grace is a good clay! But if you are a beginner I think you should start with cheaper clay like Hearty Soft, with is really affordable and worth it as it is a big pack. (will do a Hearty review soon)

Downside of Grace
  • Cracks
  • Not water resistance
  • Air may get into packaging even if unopened
  • Can be hard to control to attain desired colour
  • Costly
Upside of Grace
  • Holds details relatively well
  • Details will stick well
  • Is sturdy and hard
I think Grace will be a good clay for miniatures! For a small tube is it quite costly, and since it is hard and sturdy, it is good to make minis out of Grace.

So that's it! Hope this review was informative for you! If you have any questions, do feel free to comment! Don't be shy (*´・v・) This is my honest review and feedback based on my impressions. Feel free to Google up other reviews and compare! As I mentioned, whether this clay is good or not is relative to the user. Personally like the weight and sturdiness. 

Hope you enjoyed my review! Sorry it is so lengthy. I tend to ramble (;^-^ )

Enjoy your day!


Day Out for Avengers!


Went out on Monday (9/5) because I got a pair of tickets to watch the Avengers!

I had always liked Marvel and DC comics and with so much hype for the movie, I really had expectations for it.

So the day began with me going to Gush Cloud to collect my $20 Takashimaya voucher. Gushcloud really works! You can earn money or karma points to redeem items. Maybe I should dedicate a post to Gushcloud.

I wanted to get the voucher as I wanted to get stuff from Kinokuniya or NBC, and planned my route, Gushcloud office, Takashimaya and Shaw Lido Cineplex. That morning I realised a BIG mistake of not remembering that Kinokuniya, the bookstore, and NBC, stationary store, are located in NGEE ANN CITY and NOT Takashimaya. I was slightly horrified. Things in Takashimaya Departmental Store isn't exactly cheap.

But I still went over to Takashimya to check things out. I used the voucher immediately when I saw THIS:


I spazzed out. I zoned out in front of this shelf and spent ages choosing from the kits below $20.
It's the middle two shelf. Macaroon A and B (different set of colours for the shells), Doughnuts, Cookies, Japanese Sweets, Crepe and Ice Cream, and Cupcakes.

These are the original Japanese packaging! The American version is.. not to my liking.

Will not disclose just yet which kit I got! (just lazy to take a picture of the kit hurrhurr) Will definitely make a video when I have time to play with this!!

Walked over to Shaw Lido. Got an ice cream! One of the flavour I like.

Waited till collecttion started and went to collect my ticket. Went to get dinner before going for the show.

As you can see, it's free seating. After dinner, it was 10(?) minutes to the show. The best seats were taken. the back rows filled up. There were seats way back. I decided against it when I saw how far it was from the screen. Got a good seat at the lower half. (:

MOVIE WAS AWESOME SAUCE. But no spoilers for you. Of course it did not help that people kept poking fun about Tho'real's hair. I kept noticing his hair, falling perfectly in place even during fight scenes. Argh.

It was a great day out. ^^ This are the perks of the internet! I spent money only on my food and transport.



Craft Update~!


My first craft update ^^

If the embed viddy does not work, you can view it on YouTube.

Sorry my video is so long. I promise not to make such ridiculously long videos anymore.
It takes too long to upload anyway. :/
So you have to listen to my less-than-interesting-voice drone on about my charms for 9 minutes over! WAHAHAA!  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

These are clay crafts made over the past few years. I only became more active in fiddling with clay this year.

I might consider selling them. Very fun to make (^▽^) But I'm afraid my quality and standards are not up to it. Give me your views about this!

I am happy with my works and I do know I definitely have room for improvements.
Playing with clay makes me happy (⌒∇⌒)

I might still trying to make miniature items! Even though I do not have a doll house.

I got scared when I stare at dolls' eyes too long. Some are so realistic they look as though they have souls. I read things like Are You Afraid of the Dark, watched Killer Clowns and is one of those people who get freaked by clowns and dolls. But not that much. Thankfully.

But I digress. Minis are HARD to make. Snowfern-clover is my idol. She is AMAZING.

In my materials to edit before uploading list, I have Furitama Ball candy, Grace and Hearty clay for Youtube and Blog updates. I'm so lazy to move my butt to edit them hehe. I would normally update my Youtube and Blogger together. Easier to explain things with visual aids.

Also~ I finally got round to microwave my the Kutsuwa Eraser Kits I got from Love Melancholy. I don't have a microwave. I made them last year, and they actually work pretty well. Will also update and do a review on that soon(er). (:

So yes, I will move ma lazy butt to get they upload ready soon. Hehe.

Once again, another rather lengthy post. (:



Panda Charm!


I made a Panda Charm with the Grace Clay I bought!

Grace clay isn't too bad. Dries hard, unlike most other airdry clay. However, not sure if my clay is old and is Grade C(?), when pressure is applied, the charm may crack and the white lines will not go away! It will be better if varnished.

I saw from various sources that it is water-resistant, but other sources said it is not! Might test it out. Intend to make reviews of the clays.

It's so cute right? Uber fatness!

Painted on the face. The nose is a mini heart shape, painted it as a heart by chance, decided to leave it as that. Dayum, haha, it's really fat. It's still drying out. Wondering if I should paint a face. Worried that I might ruin it by accident.

I've placed a feedjit on my blog (: It's really wonderful to know people from all over can view my blog. I will try to spend more time for my blog, but no promised. I'm really rather busy with school because I'm sitting for the Cambridge "A"s this year.

That's all for now!



Online Names Dilemma

Do anyone spazz out over choosing of your online name?

I changed my blogger profile names a couple of times, from Rainbow Melancholia to Fuyumi to Joo.

Rainbow Melancholia is just too "trying-too-hard".

Fuyumi is so Wapanese, after all, I am a native Singaporean Chinese, not Japanese. I do like Fuyu, cause it's winter. I used to have my IDs as Dark Winter in Japanese. So Wapanese of me eh?

Joo is part of my name. I have a Chinese name, which I can simply use my han yu pin yin, which is a romanised form of my Chinese name. But it is really short. 2 words, 2 letters per word. I do not dare to use my full English name because my name is really too unique.

Neither do I have the confidence to be Wapanese, or to even decide on a Japanese name. I so called short-listed Rei, Reiko, Fuyumi. I want to know what these names means. When I searched up of names and meanings, I get distracted by other names!

Neither can I decide on an English name. Tania? Rebecca?

ENDLESS! Too many names and decisions! I'm a very very indecisive person. I want to appear normal and normal and not be judged for trying too hard to be 'cool' or Wapanese.

I'm so terrible at names too!

Well, I guessed what ever we do, we will always be judged. Inevitably I become conscious of that and thus explaining my so called 'dilemma'. Too bad for me.

On a side note, will be updating soon on Furitama Ball by Kracie.

I bought it a while back and just tried it this evening! Will edit my video soon and update with my review~



The Great Haul

Hi everyone!

I'm back with an update~ HAUL!! (´∀`)

I just made a huge haul from 2 online shops. One is Sophie and Toffee and another shop, which has since cleared their stocks, I shall refer them as Clay.

I enjoy having the feeling of excitement, waiting for my packages to arrive in the mail. Makes me feel really happy when I get my hands on it. I tend to look at the shop and the various items I want to buy and ponder for rather long, for a few days, to decide on my purchase.

My Sophie and Toffee  package came really quickly because I live in Singapore and it is registered mail.
Clay's package took the whole week as it was normal mail.

Here's my unpackaging video. (◕‿◕)

From  Sophie and Toffee, I got a lot of Padico items. Hearty Soft 200g, Mermaid Puffy Clay 50g (White), Water-resistance Clay Varnish (Matte), Sweets Paste Mold (Hard) and Sweets Soft Mold. I also got a set of 200 Turquoise 3mm rhinestones and a Japanese Snow Rabbit Cabachon.

The rhinestones were greener than I thought. Impulse buy, since I had mostly pink and purple rhinestones. The packaging for the hard mold was flimsy, and I tore it. (´_`。) The soft mold had a nice hard box. The soft mold is really big! The Ice cream scoop is really detailed! But I have no use for it at the moment.

Sophie and Toffee Haul!

From Clay, I got Grace Clay and a Floree Biscuit Mold. I initially wanted Grace Light, but it has dried up. However, Clay agreed to let me have it, for free! I managed to revive some, but that's for another post. (: The Floree Mold was a impulse buy. I just thought, "why not?" because it was on clearance is was very cheap. The Grace clays and Floree mold were really a lot smaller than what I thought!! Clay also nicely gave me some extra lightweight clay for free.

I now I have a lot of Japanese air dry clay. I will soon show you my epic battle to revive dried Grace Light and my personal experience with Hearty Soft and Grace. When I have time, I will make a proper review on Puffy, this time with White and maybe open the packet of Fuwa Fuwa in a the next few months.

So that's all from me for now~

Thank you!


Sophie and Toffee Discount


Here to quickly share a Sophie and Toffee discount code!

Code will entitle you to a 10% discount and will expire on 23 April 2012~

Enjoy shopping!


Daiso and Rhinestones

Who doesn't love Daiso?

It's a land of AWESOMENESS!

I had been buying rhinestones from Daiso, before Sophie and Toffee appeared in my life. A mix-match of nail art stickers. My reasoning was that i didn't need that much rhinestones that Sophie and Toffee offers, which is 200 for each colour and size. That's a lot!

And then I realised, that this 2 packs of rhinestones, has 13 x 19 rows, effectively telling me that I had nearly 250 rhinestones of that colour/size. (; ̄д ̄)

Anyway, I just got this really nice lil box from Daiso's travel aisle.

It has 2 tiers. The first tier is a big compartment (bottom left), and the bottom tier has 8 smaller compartments, with a lid like a pill box. The 4 lids are actually joined and can be pulled out, allowing easy access to your rhinestones!

As time went by, I actually gotten quite a bit of rhinestones, I realised. And I just order a set from Sophie and Toffee. i have yet to recieve a comfirmation mail, though I have paid already. I ordered 3mm turquoise because most of my rhinestones are purple or pink.

I organised my rhinestones~!

Top tier -- Rhinestone sticker sheets, the huge teardrop rhinestones, my trusty smaller pincette

Bottom tier -- White flower, blue flower, small purple hearts, small pink hearts, pearls, teardrops, hearts, empty

I feel SO happy now that they are all organised neatly!! I love to organise my craft supplies. I love my craft supplies!

This box is really nice, small and handy~ (´ω`) They come in 2 colours, white and green. I might just get another one cause it's quite good for storing rhinestones. I mean, how much rhinestone of a certain size and colour could you have that it can actually fill the entire small compartment?

So this box gets loads of thumbups. I like to pick it up and open it, fiddle with it because it's so neat, cute and convenient now. *Current obsession.

True Story

That's all from me~ Daiso is really a magical land to me.

Over and out!

Meiji Yan Yan!

Yan Yan Dance~! *:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*
Delicious cream and biscuit in a box.  

My mum didn't want to buy me one the other day, so I got one recently to satisfy my craving. Hehe.

They have different Japanese sentences on the each stick, but my Japanese isn't good enough to decipher what the sentence means 
It was yummy as always~ 

Even Tombot is here~

Picnik was bought over by Google (´A`) I do hope that the Google version will be as good as Picnik. Sad to see it go. Picnik advertised these three sites, AviaryPicMonkey and Google+ (which is rather user-unfriendly to me) Can also use Picasa.

Picnik is easy to use and quick tool for making collages. I liked it a lot even thought I used it for only a few months. 

Thank you


Marvel's The Avengers


The superheros of all times eh? (:

Today I'll be doing a lil ad on the up coming Marvel's Movie, which will be officially release in Singapore on 1 May, based on....

The Avengers~

And here is the trailer!

Looks awesome~

I really like most of them because they are so human and alien at the same time. Somehow.
I enjoyed my childhood days of watching Marval animated cartoons and movies. It is amazing how Marvel makes all the movies link up together. (Now how about a movie for Hawkeye/Goliath/Ronin?) DC needs to buck up! They have the Justice League and Teen Titans too!

Black Widow
I.. Never really read/watched stuff about her. We are living in a rather sexist world. But as a Women in Literature student, I shall praise Black Widow as a symbol of feminism and the rising power of the women. Yea.. right. ^^, She is beautiful and strong in her own way.

Captian America ♥
I love this dude. He is one of those hero I loved when I was younger.
The hero for American soldiers to look up to during times of war back in 1939. A story to show us how a frail young man would brave experiments in order to fight for Justice. I really like him and used to select this character a lot when playing those Street Fighters games. Pretty cool how he throws his shield around. *Whackswhackswhacks*

Now that I'm a History student and having studied the Cold War, I feel upset over the agressive American actions, but still love this embodiment of heroism that allow countless of soldiers to look up to, to boost their morals and fight against the Nazis. (So who said comic artists are useless)

Sexay green dude who is misunderstood and definetly needs anger management classes. Nah, joking.
Face it, we all had our fair share of bursts of anger. And we seriously need to stop judging people when we barely know them. the personification of the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover".

Come on ): How can you hate archers?! And in the comics, he wears purple with black! How cool is that?

Iron Man
I watched the film and boy is he awesome. An amazing and resourceful engineer. Very self-centered guy from what is seemed, but learns to work together with the Avengers. (I watched the cartoon Avengers Movie (Y)) His a rebel, a bad ass. But I hated how the first movie ended with him saying his the bad guy. SUPERHEROS NO REVEAL THEY IDENTITY! ):

Nick Fury
His the head of the Organisation! I have this thing for black guys. :/ What?! They are so cool and talented in a wide array of stuff!

Thor ♥
Nordic methodology! I likes~ And who can blame me for liking the pretty boy, Hemsworth, that plays Thor? I am fascinated with Nordic Mythodology (despite the inaccuracy of the depiction of Thor which can be defending with the phrase 'based on') and that may be further fueled by Amon Amath's song.

And the armour! Amours re amazing and beautiful. Some plain and simple, some with intricate designs, all serving the sole purpose toa defend the host.

All in all, I like Hulk, Captain America and Thor more. ^^

That's all from me, and remember to catch Marvel’s The Avengers in cinemas this 1 May 2012 and like the Official Marvel's The Avengers Singapore Facebook Page and subscribe to Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel for more updates!


Review: Mermaid Puffy Clay by Padico


I recently ask my friend, Misaki, to help me order 2 packs of resin clay from Sophie and Toffee, a Singapore-based online shop. They sell loads of rhinestones and cabochons at cheap wholesale prices.

This is an airdry clay made by the company Padico. This clay series, which are in packs of 50g, comes in 3 colours; White, Biscuit and Chocolate. (: After reading a post by A Tiny Obsession, I got interested in trying it out. So I got a pack of Chocolate and Biscuit from Sophie and Toffee at SGD 5.50 each, since they didn't had White.

We got our clay real quick through the mail. I'm doing up this review so people out there can have more information about this clay. Prior to my purchase, I could harder find reviews about this clay.

So here is a video of my first impression of the clay!

I just got it yesterday from my friend and made a few items already. While making, I was lamenting over the fact that there wasn't White Puffy at Sophie and Toffee, so I randomly used some air dry modelling clay for the 'cream' and it made the charm heavier. 

What was funny was... Sophie and Toffee started stocking WHITE. Today!! (; ̄Д ̄)

I also added some rhinestones which I got from Daiso. Took some white glue and stuck an eyepin in for a cute charm~

Kira kira~  

You can also get rhinestones from Sophie and Toffee. From various sizes to colours, Sophie and Toffee sells a whole, wide range of rhinestones and pearls. For less than SGD 4, you can get a set of 200 pieces of rhinestones. That's real cheap! The downside for me is that I don't use so much rhinestones since right now since I only decorate my charms with one or two rhinestones, compared to people who bling up their phones and stuff. So I'm still undecided about buying them, although it's really definitely much cheaper and prettier, obviously.

The clay can be rolled out quite thinly.

The clay shrinks after it is dried. Here's a comparison with the doughnut made with eraser clay from the Kutsuwa Eraser Kit from Love Melancholy. (The erasers work pretty well, will do a review soon)

When the clay is set aside, it will start drying. The surface will dry first and the insides are still soft. So if you squash the charm, it will still collapse. A day after drying, the insides will be less soft and when you press it, the charm will expand back in shape (not totally).

Update 29/9/12:
Water Resistant 

I didn't talk about it much previously, but this clay, as advertised, really IS water resistant.
A water test I did showed that the clay may become flaky after being soaked. The water was enter the clay and the whole thing will become soft, but retains its shape, AS LONG AS you don't press and squish it when it's soaked with water. Simply pat with a cloth and leave it to dry completely, and it'll be fine.

In comparison to my Grace Clay Review, Grace had 0 resistance, literally melting in my hands, as I mentioned in my Panda Charm post. This means that with Puffy, you can literally washing the item, not to hard, as it may wash off the surface details. Refer to the below photo, I washed one of the flower waffle, the details it slightly affected.

When it's dried, you can add on a layer of clay varnish, to protect it and make it more resistance. Sophie and Toffee sells Padico Varnish in Gloss and Matte.

So after trying the clay out for a couple of days, here is a summation of how I feel:
  • The clay feels rubbery, as mentioned. 
  • The outer layer dries fast in a couple of hours, and 
  • after which, the surface of the clay will be hard and the insides, soft and squishy (be careful)
  • Keeps really details well
  • Easily removed from mold (you can read A Tiny Obsession's post too)
  • Dries water resistant 
  • Comes in the widely used dough colour
  • Can be mixed with paint to attain other colours
  • And shaded with pastels for baked effect
  • Time to dry depends on climate and the size of the charm, but usually takes around 2 days for top layers to dry. 
  • Shrinks after it is dried
  • Clay is ridiculously light weighted,
  • Yet durable enough to withstand abuse

What I made so far (⌒∇⌒

Only the flower and macaron shells were made without a mold. 

I might update again if I try throwing a piece of dried Puffy into water.

Remember, because this is an air dry clay, place it in a ziplock bag and squeeze the air out then place it in an airtight container. Remember to check back once in awhile to make sure it's really not drying up. Make sure you keep the clay properly so you will not waste your money~

Hope that this was helpful for you and that you enjoyed it! Remember to check out Sophie and Toffee.
Thank you!

UPDATE! (16 April): Here's a 10% discount code for you! (24/5/12: Coupon has expired!)
8/4/13, New code! JCSV6NC, 10%

All photos are credited to ME! Do NOT steal and re-post them without permission!  ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ


Self-intro! :D

Hi again!

Do you see something new?

I've joined Nuffnang! (⌒▽⌒)☆ All this is a first for me; to join and post videos (well, only one so far, but I'm in the progress of making another!), joining Nuffnang.. All these are quite interesting.

So a little about me. I am a Singaporean and I am 18 this year, studying in a Junior College, hoping to go to University to further my studies and become a teacher!

I made this blog to share my crafts! And well, actually I was motivated to make a video because I wanted to help promote my friend's site, as she sells those hyped Japanese novelty candies at a really cheap retail rate! (What a weird reason eh?)

I used to draw. I still do actually, but they are more of doodles than actual drawings. I've been too busying in Secondary 4 studying! Ever since then, I seldom draw any more. I hope that after my "A" Levels, I would have more time to maximise the use of my Wacom Baby~ (´∀`)

This blog is for documenting my craft tutorials/reviews and videos or maybe bits of funny moments in my life. Because I am so new to this, and not to mention, busy with my studies, I do not know what exact direction this blog will take and how often I can update.

But to anyone who sees this blog/post please give your support. 
(シ_ _)シ
*sniff, small unknown lil bloggy*
Keep a look out! Sneak peek~!
Thank you!


Popin' Cookin' O'Bento!


Here's a video of me making the Kracie Popin' Cookin'. This is the Bento Set! (:
I got this kit from LoveMelancholy, who is based online in Singapore.
(Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW the new LoveMelancholy)
This kit cost me SGD 9.00.

So a little taste review on the kit.

Rice has a chewy texture, almost rice and gummy like and tastes like ramune. I like this the most.
Tamago (egg) is sweet and soury.
The Sausage is grape flavoured and is rather yummy. (´ڡ` )
The Chicken Karage were bad, I didn't know what it tasted like!
The Pasta has a weird taste too
The broccoli didn't taste good either. Not that I don't like veggies, I love broccoli in real life. (:

And right now, there is an ongoing promotion on FaceBook, and you can get discount of SGD 0.50 per kit as long as you adhere to the requirements (≧∇≦)/

So there we have it~ Thank and enjoy!


First! Where's ma cookie?


I'm Rainbow Sashimi :D
This blog will likely be dedicated to ramblings on my journey with sweet treats, be it real edible goodies or sweet clay charms tutorial or reviews!
I reside in Sunny Singapore and is a student (:

So here is to my virgin blog post and video on Youtube!

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