Self-intro! :D

Hi again!

Do you see something new?

I've joined Nuffnang! (⌒▽⌒)☆ All this is a first for me; to join and post videos (well, only one so far, but I'm in the progress of making another!), joining Nuffnang.. All these are quite interesting.

So a little about me. I am a Singaporean and I am 18 this year, studying in a Junior College, hoping to go to University to further my studies and become a teacher!

I made this blog to share my crafts! And well, actually I was motivated to make a video because I wanted to help promote my friend's site, as she sells those hyped Japanese novelty candies at a really cheap retail rate! (What a weird reason eh?)

I used to draw. I still do actually, but they are more of doodles than actual drawings. I've been too busying in Secondary 4 studying! Ever since then, I seldom draw any more. I hope that after my "A" Levels, I would have more time to maximise the use of my Wacom Baby~ (´∀`)

This blog is for documenting my craft tutorials/reviews and videos or maybe bits of funny moments in my life. Because I am so new to this, and not to mention, busy with my studies, I do not know what exact direction this blog will take and how often I can update.

But to anyone who sees this blog/post please give your support. 
(シ_ _)シ
*sniff, small unknown lil bloggy*
Keep a look out! Sneak peek~!
Thank you!

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