Panda Charm!


I made a Panda Charm with the Grace Clay I bought!

Grace clay isn't too bad. Dries hard, unlike most other airdry clay. However, not sure if my clay is old and is Grade C(?), when pressure is applied, the charm may crack and the white lines will not go away! It will be better if varnished.

I saw from various sources that it is water-resistant, but other sources said it is not! Might test it out. Intend to make reviews of the clays.

It's so cute right? Uber fatness!

Painted on the face. The nose is a mini heart shape, painted it as a heart by chance, decided to leave it as that. Dayum, haha, it's really fat. It's still drying out. Wondering if I should paint a face. Worried that I might ruin it by accident.

I've placed a feedjit on my blog (: It's really wonderful to know people from all over can view my blog. I will try to spend more time for my blog, but no promised. I'm really rather busy with school because I'm sitting for the Cambridge "A"s this year.

That's all for now!


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