Kutsuwa Fuwa Fuwa Whipped Cream Clay


A review for you today! Here's Kutsuwa's Fuwa Fuwa Whipped Cream Clay~

This was the first time I played with faux whipped cream, and it proved to be a very interesting experience for me. You can buy it from Sophie and Toffee. I didn't buy it from them, but the store I bought it from doesn't sell them anymore. You can use this coupon code ( JCSV6NC) for a 10% discount!

I have uploaded a video of me playing with it months back. Have you seen it? (Subscribe to my channel for updates)

It was my first time and I felt that it was really hard to pipe it out! (Turns out it was bloated with air in the bag. I pricked the bag at the top corner, and it got better. BUT, it was still hard. At parts of the video, you can see my hand trembling, in fact. (^_^;)

Delicious looking treats!

I piped the cream over my hand made blanks. The purple macaron from Grace clay. The Hello Kitty inspired macaron was made with Hearty Soft. The cream puff is made of Hearty Soft, modified after using the Padico soft mold. The cupcakes were Mermaid Puffy and the waffles were made with some unbranded oven bake clay.

Embellishments are rhinestones from Sophie and Toffee and Daiso and nail art fruit canes.

I think it turned out pretty cute~ :3

So I also tried to mix colour into the clay, basically piping out some clay and adding chalk pastel to it. It didn't really stick to my hand, and mixed pretty well! It piped out easily from my Daiso piping tip.

Chalk pastel, being powder, will not make it too wet. I'm sure you can use paint, but you might want to use a tool to mix it as paint will make it really wet and messy!

After the clay dries more, it actually worked like normal clay, usable with cookie cutters (big cookie) and molds.

A funny thing about the whipped cream clay was that it didn't stuck as well as I thought and they popped off the blanks! ( ̄□ ̄;)But it is easily remedied with white glue (or any type of glue).


(+) CHEAP and affordable
(+) Easy to use, good for beginners too
(+) Can mix with pigments for colours
(-) Dries soft

Hope this review was useful! Remember, use JCSV6NC for 10% off!
Thank you~

Kutsuwa Erasers!


A quick review on Kutsuwa Eraser Kits~
I'm sure many of you have seen it before, so here's a review for you.

As I didn't have a microwave oven, I transported my already sculpted erasers to a nuke them. These are from the Doughnut and Ice Cream kit.

There is a table at the corner of the instruction sheet. Even if you do not understand Japanese, you can simply compare the Japanese labeling of the image of the macaron for example, and then compare to the words in the table. As for the Watts and duration of nuking, just look at the Arabic numerical. Very straight forward, just need a tad of brain power, but very do-able. So no excuses! :D

I tried dropping the clay into the hot water removed from the microwave, but it didn't seem to be hot enough to 'cook' the clay. But perhaps if I actually boiled it, it may work out! 


Some turned out badly because there were cracks IN the clay. So when you are sculpting them, remember to squeeze the clay into a tight ball, making sure that there is no air in the clay.

Those with multiple parts like the tart on the right may fall apart. Now it's like an Iwako puzzle eraser!

The erasers DO work pretty well and I love the vibrant colours. The eraser dusts sticks together (and are colourful as well xD )


I bought the kits from Love Melancholy as usual.

(+) Colourful DIY erasers that actually work
(+) Molds are reusuable with clay 
(+) Easy and clear instructions, even if in Japanese(-) Some bits may fall apart
(-) May be slightly costly for a small eraser

Hope this helps you decide your purchase!
It's definitely worth a buy for me as I love the molds. 
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