Where to buy Popin' Cookin?

Hey there~

Here's a quick post to where to get Popin' Cookin.

Ever since 2009, when rrcherrypie updated a video with Popin' Cookin, Kracie's candy series has taken the world by storm! (maybe an exaggeration here..)

People have mixed reactions. I enjoy looking at the videos and would love to taste such food, just to see what powder and water can become. It's really amazing.

My friend tried it and didn't like it. I have friends that love the taste! And then I have friends with zero interests, as well as one who feels the whole idea is gross ^^; I enjoy the whole idea of this novelty candy and love to try new things out and just be adventurous. You may or may not enjoy the taste, but you'll DEFINITELY enjoy the experience and trying new things out :3

So where do you get them? These are novelty candy selling for 200-400 yen in Japan. However, due to freight charges, it becomes rather expensive to get them.

In Singapore, you can get them from these 2 shops.

Firstly, LoveMelancholy. [ I rate 5/5 base on price and service]

I adore her! Extremely friendly and nice as long as you don't spam them or anything.
They sell ONLINE ONLY! SHIPS OVERSEAS! (Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW the new LoveMelancholy OVERSEAS SHIPPING outside of Singapore available too!)

They sell each Popin Cookin kit for SGD 9.
They also sell Happy Kitchen, Neru Neru Ne, and more.

I often buy from them. They also sell most of the Kutsuwa DIY eraser or clay kits, also at affordable prices!

Next place you can go to is CandyPlay. [I rate 3/5 base on price and service]

They have RETAIL SHOPS and sell ONLINE too. But they DO NOT ship overseas.

But I don't really like them.

Online, each box costs SGD 9.50
Offline, in the retail shops where they rent lockers, it's SGD 10.90

But what gets me isn't the price! Which is defintely more expensive. 
It's the service! It's not friendly and doesn't feel sincere!
Especially when you are using social media, all the more you should be more friendly. Right?

Once, I joined this competition and I mailed them in regards to this rule flouter that was genuinely making people mad. No replies. They are pretty ok, not that bad, it's my personal preference.

Recently I won their Trivia Question giveaway, because I'm such a Geek in this.

Side story:
I won the first question by chance. The last question, they opened up to past winners. The question was, which candy did they first stop selling. I followed this since 2009! I knew my stuff! I was the only person with the right answer ^^
Pure geek happiness! 

I mailed them my address, and they didn't reply. Even when they did, after I mailed them to ask if they receive the message, they simply replied with a single word: "noted". You may think I'm being silly, but I really believe that they could be friendlier. "noted", without caps even, just sounded to distant and unfriendly. I rather a formal sounding reply, like what they use in the public posts. Or maybe it's just me.

LoveMelancholy mails out packages, at least for mine, in a nice, securely taped, brown paper envelop, and bubble wrapped the goods nicely, as seen in my haul post.

Candyplay, on the other hand, mailed out my 3 packages of candy, with this white paper, wrapped around and taped to secure the ends. By the time I got the package, the white paper was already crumpled badly. There wasn't bubble wraps, and my candies got abit.. crushed.

As you can tell, I'm rather biased here. But I do believe there are pros and cons.

Candyplay have many retail shops. For those who prefer to see the goods, and get it right away, Candyplay is for you. They sell online too, BUT...!

Love Melancholy is cheaper and based online. If you don't mind waiting, or enjoy the excitement of having packages in your mail, LoveMelancholy is for you.


Ok, if you live in MALAYSIA, Candy Play has an outlet in Malaysia, you can check out their page.

But I believe that you can also buy from LoveMelancholy, because she ships overseas too. (:
(Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW LoveMelancholy :3, OVERSEAS SHIPPING outside of Singapore available too!)
Malaysia is still near enough, so shipping charges shouldn't be that expensive.
You can see the official SingPost data on her webpage to estimate the shipping charges. I'm not very sure though, because I obviously live in Singapore ^^ Haha~

Other places,

JapaneseCandyKit, very friendly and holding Giveaways (4/8/12 discontinued till further notice). Support them (: Based in USA, USD

JBox, who sells tonnes of other goods from Japan. Can get pricey, especially with many other Japanese goods in the site. Self control should be exercised if you want to keep your paycheck.
Based in America, priced in USD

Mode4U, sells Kutsuwa, as well as Popin' Cookin and many more stationery items.
Based in Hong Kong, priced in EUR.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!



So sorry I haven updated for more than a month!
I have quite some stuff to update, but I can't find the mood or time to edit the videos!

You may feel, "Just update with pictures! It's okay if there isn't a video!!"
But to me, I feel that having a video makes my posts unique to myself. And I rather not update posts with the video in future.

Recently, there's been quite some family, as well as personal matters getting me down.
I haven felt very well lately too.

However, I'm still happy that there are many visitors from all over the globe. I feel happy seeing my posts reach out to so many people that share similar interests! ^^

Thank you!
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