Commission: Ice Cream Fiesta

Hi all

I guess I will try my best to get back to blogging/vlogging/facebooking my crafts.

Since 2013, it has been mostly kits from Japan that I fiddle with. I did also get into resin craft and I took part in Maker Faire Singapore 2015 with a class project. I hadn't cut off craft and arts from my life but it just gets hard to do it.

I have a lot of respect for people doing this.

In any case, this is a craft commission from 2013 September. That was the first semester of university studies.

It is supposed to be for a doll.

What I found hardest about this was the flavours. How many flavours can you come up with without them all looking like cream or chocolate toned?

It went better than expected and I really like the end result.

I guess the next post will be an update on my resin craft, Maker Faire SG 2015.

I have been considering a rebranding. Out of randomness I came up with the name Rainbow Sashimi but I may change it to something. I don't know what, but something.



Where to buy Kutsuwa Eraser and Clay Kits?


A post that was bound to happen!

Many people often ask where can they buy Kutsuwa Eraser Kits. So here's a handy dandy guide for you!

I live in Singapore and I buy all my Kutsuwa Eraser products from Love Melancholy. I have previously featured  her shop in my Where to buy Popin' Cookin? post.

She sells each kit online for $12.90.

Kutsuwa Eraser kits have undergone a revamp! The whole new look isn't all. The eraser clay inside are scented eraser clay, allowing you to create your own sweet smelling erasers.

Singapore have another shop selling them. Originally the owners of Candy Play, also featured in my Where to buy Popin' Cookin? post, they have branched out to selling Kutsuwa Eraser kits. They focus on retail in shops like Toy Out Post, Hako or Box Boss. Eraserplay retails at the same shops where they sell Poping Cookin, each at $17.90.

Check them out.





I recently completed a commission from my friend. It was my very first commission and I very much enjoyed the process.

Firstly, my customer and I had to see how small the berries would go.

This allowed us to gauge how big/small the diameter of the cake should be

Next, I used Hearty Red with red paint and some Grace clay to make the red velvet cake layers.
The cream was White Diaso clay with water.

I should have waited for the cake layers to dry before layering the cream as planned, but I got too excited and went ahead.

This made the entire cake dry a lot slower as the volume was very larger. I wanted to make sure that the core of the cake is completely dry before sealing it. 

Waited for the cake to dry while making the berries that would go on top of the cake.

When the cake's surface was left to dry for a day, it was sturdy enough for me to cut out a slice. After which,  left the cake and slice to dry again.

The whipped cream was piped with Epoch Whipple Cream. It's easy to pipe and dries nice and hard.

This is the final product~

 And my very satisfied customer. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

The entire commission took maybe 3 weeks. Mostly due to drying time.

Contact me via my Facebook Page @ Rainbow Sashimi if you are interested in getting a commissioned piece from me. Describe your idea with desired measurements and I will quote you a reasonable price based on cost of material and workmanship fee.

Thank you~
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