I recently completed a commission from my friend. It was my very first commission and I very much enjoyed the process.

Firstly, my customer and I had to see how small the berries would go.

This allowed us to gauge how big/small the diameter of the cake should be

Next, I used Hearty Red with red paint and some Grace clay to make the red velvet cake layers.
The cream was White Diaso clay with water.

I should have waited for the cake layers to dry before layering the cream as planned, but I got too excited and went ahead.

This made the entire cake dry a lot slower as the volume was very larger. I wanted to make sure that the core of the cake is completely dry before sealing it. 

Waited for the cake to dry while making the berries that would go on top of the cake.

When the cake's surface was left to dry for a day, it was sturdy enough for me to cut out a slice. After which,  left the cake and slice to dry again.

The whipped cream was piped with Epoch Whipple Cream. It's easy to pipe and dries nice and hard.

This is the final product~

 And my very satisfied customer. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

The entire commission took maybe 3 weeks. Mostly due to drying time.

Contact me via my Facebook Page @ Rainbow Sashimi if you are interested in getting a commissioned piece from me. Describe your idea with desired measurements and I will quote you a reasonable price based on cost of material and workmanship fee.

Thank you~


  1. wow the cake you made is really pretty!! :)
    Congrats on the first commission :)

    btw, I noticed you used padico sealer from your much earlier posts. I would like to start making clay stuff too, may i know if the padico sealer is good for long term? Will it make the clay item water resistant?


    1. Thank you!

      Being a sealant, Padico sealer will make the item water resistant.

      I had gotten Padico's sealer because I read that it's usually good to use the same brand of sealant for the same brand of clay. However, Padico's sealant turns sticky for me, even if I'm using it on Padico clay.

      For this commissioned piece, I used Americana DuraClear Gloss Varnish by Deco Art. It has been working well for me and doesn't turn sticky. You may have heard of Triple Thick. It's also by Deco Art. I emailed the company and the response was that Duraclear Gloss Varnish lasts longer than Triple Thick.

      Whatever you chose to use may also depend on your materials and accessibility of it. This is an expensive hobby, but I do recommend just grabbing items cheap yet works for you, so you have to experiment a bit yourself too :3

      Hope this helps~

  2. Thanks, this is really helpful! I was going to get Padico sealer too, but hmm stickiness is definitely an issue! :( So have you stopped using it?

    1. Afraid I have. Maybe I will fiddle with it next time. But I think it may just be that particular bottle. I got this Padico Water Resistant Matter

      I think the normal one with the green label should be better as many people uses it.


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