Where to buy Kutsuwa Eraser and Clay Kits?


A post that was bound to happen!

Many people often ask where can they buy Kutsuwa Eraser Kits. So here's a handy dandy guide for you!

I live in Singapore and I buy all my Kutsuwa Eraser products from Love Melancholy. I have previously featured  her shop in my Where to buy Popin' Cookin? post.

She sells each kit online for $12.90.

Kutsuwa Eraser kits have undergone a revamp! The whole new look isn't all. The eraser clay inside are scented eraser clay, allowing you to create your own sweet smelling erasers.

Singapore have another shop selling them. Originally the owners of Candy Play, also featured in my Where to buy Popin' Cookin? post, they have branched out to selling Kutsuwa Eraser kits. They focus on retail in shops like Toy Out Post, Hako or Box Boss. Eraserplay retails at the same shops where they sell Poping Cookin, each at $17.90.

Check them out.


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