Popin' Cookin' O'Bento!


Here's a video of me making the Kracie Popin' Cookin'. This is the Bento Set! (:
I got this kit from LoveMelancholy, who is based online in Singapore.
(Update 15/9/12: LoveMelancholy got her own domain! Visit NOW the new LoveMelancholy)
This kit cost me SGD 9.00.

So a little taste review on the kit.

Rice has a chewy texture, almost rice and gummy like and tastes like ramune. I like this the most.
Tamago (egg) is sweet and soury.
The Sausage is grape flavoured and is rather yummy. (´ڡ` )
The Chicken Karage were bad, I didn't know what it tasted like!
The Pasta has a weird taste too
The broccoli didn't taste good either. Not that I don't like veggies, I love broccoli in real life. (:

And right now, there is an ongoing promotion on FaceBook, and you can get discount of SGD 0.50 per kit as long as you adhere to the requirements (≧∇≦)/

So there we have it~ Thank and enjoy!


First! Where's ma cookie?


I'm Rainbow Sashimi :D
This blog will likely be dedicated to ramblings on my journey with sweet treats, be it real edible goodies or sweet clay charms tutorial or reviews!
I reside in Sunny Singapore and is a student (:

So here is to my virgin blog post and video on Youtube!

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