Marvel's The Avengers


The superheros of all times eh? (:

Today I'll be doing a lil ad on the up coming Marvel's Movie, which will be officially release in Singapore on 1 May, based on....

The Avengers~

And here is the trailer!

Looks awesome~

I really like most of them because they are so human and alien at the same time. Somehow.
I enjoyed my childhood days of watching Marval animated cartoons and movies. It is amazing how Marvel makes all the movies link up together. (Now how about a movie for Hawkeye/Goliath/Ronin?) DC needs to buck up! They have the Justice League and Teen Titans too!

Black Widow
I.. Never really read/watched stuff about her. We are living in a rather sexist world. But as a Women in Literature student, I shall praise Black Widow as a symbol of feminism and the rising power of the women. Yea.. right. ^^, She is beautiful and strong in her own way.

Captian America ♥
I love this dude. He is one of those hero I loved when I was younger.
The hero for American soldiers to look up to during times of war back in 1939. A story to show us how a frail young man would brave experiments in order to fight for Justice. I really like him and used to select this character a lot when playing those Street Fighters games. Pretty cool how he throws his shield around. *Whackswhackswhacks*

Now that I'm a History student and having studied the Cold War, I feel upset over the agressive American actions, but still love this embodiment of heroism that allow countless of soldiers to look up to, to boost their morals and fight against the Nazis. (So who said comic artists are useless)

Sexay green dude who is misunderstood and definetly needs anger management classes. Nah, joking.
Face it, we all had our fair share of bursts of anger. And we seriously need to stop judging people when we barely know them. the personification of the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover".

Come on ): How can you hate archers?! And in the comics, he wears purple with black! How cool is that?

Iron Man
I watched the film and boy is he awesome. An amazing and resourceful engineer. Very self-centered guy from what is seemed, but learns to work together with the Avengers. (I watched the cartoon Avengers Movie (Y)) His a rebel, a bad ass. But I hated how the first movie ended with him saying his the bad guy. SUPERHEROS NO REVEAL THEY IDENTITY! ):

Nick Fury
His the head of the Organisation! I have this thing for black guys. :/ What?! They are so cool and talented in a wide array of stuff!

Thor ♥
Nordic methodology! I likes~ And who can blame me for liking the pretty boy, Hemsworth, that plays Thor? I am fascinated with Nordic Mythodology (despite the inaccuracy of the depiction of Thor which can be defending with the phrase 'based on') and that may be further fueled by Amon Amath's song.

And the armour! Amours re amazing and beautiful. Some plain and simple, some with intricate designs, all serving the sole purpose toa defend the host.

All in all, I like Hulk, Captain America and Thor more. ^^

That's all from me, and remember to catch Marvel’s The Avengers in cinemas this 1 May 2012 and like the Official Marvel's The Avengers Singapore Facebook Page and subscribe to Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel for more updates!

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