Review: Mermaid Puffy Clay by Padico


I recently ask my friend, Misaki, to help me order 2 packs of resin clay from Sophie and Toffee, a Singapore-based online shop. They sell loads of rhinestones and cabochons at cheap wholesale prices.

This is an airdry clay made by the company Padico. This clay series, which are in packs of 50g, comes in 3 colours; White, Biscuit and Chocolate. (: After reading a post by A Tiny Obsession, I got interested in trying it out. So I got a pack of Chocolate and Biscuit from Sophie and Toffee at SGD 5.50 each, since they didn't had White.

We got our clay real quick through the mail. I'm doing up this review so people out there can have more information about this clay. Prior to my purchase, I could harder find reviews about this clay.

So here is a video of my first impression of the clay!

I just got it yesterday from my friend and made a few items already. While making, I was lamenting over the fact that there wasn't White Puffy at Sophie and Toffee, so I randomly used some air dry modelling clay for the 'cream' and it made the charm heavier. 

What was funny was... Sophie and Toffee started stocking WHITE. Today!! (; ̄Д ̄)

I also added some rhinestones which I got from Daiso. Took some white glue and stuck an eyepin in for a cute charm~

Kira kira~  

You can also get rhinestones from Sophie and Toffee. From various sizes to colours, Sophie and Toffee sells a whole, wide range of rhinestones and pearls. For less than SGD 4, you can get a set of 200 pieces of rhinestones. That's real cheap! The downside for me is that I don't use so much rhinestones since right now since I only decorate my charms with one or two rhinestones, compared to people who bling up their phones and stuff. So I'm still undecided about buying them, although it's really definitely much cheaper and prettier, obviously.

The clay can be rolled out quite thinly.

The clay shrinks after it is dried. Here's a comparison with the doughnut made with eraser clay from the Kutsuwa Eraser Kit from Love Melancholy. (The erasers work pretty well, will do a review soon)

When the clay is set aside, it will start drying. The surface will dry first and the insides are still soft. So if you squash the charm, it will still collapse. A day after drying, the insides will be less soft and when you press it, the charm will expand back in shape (not totally).

Update 29/9/12:
Water Resistant 

I didn't talk about it much previously, but this clay, as advertised, really IS water resistant.
A water test I did showed that the clay may become flaky after being soaked. The water was enter the clay and the whole thing will become soft, but retains its shape, AS LONG AS you don't press and squish it when it's soaked with water. Simply pat with a cloth and leave it to dry completely, and it'll be fine.

In comparison to my Grace Clay Review, Grace had 0 resistance, literally melting in my hands, as I mentioned in my Panda Charm post. This means that with Puffy, you can literally washing the item, not to hard, as it may wash off the surface details. Refer to the below photo, I washed one of the flower waffle, the details it slightly affected.

When it's dried, you can add on a layer of clay varnish, to protect it and make it more resistance. Sophie and Toffee sells Padico Varnish in Gloss and Matte.

So after trying the clay out for a couple of days, here is a summation of how I feel:
  • The clay feels rubbery, as mentioned. 
  • The outer layer dries fast in a couple of hours, and 
  • after which, the surface of the clay will be hard and the insides, soft and squishy (be careful)
  • Keeps really details well
  • Easily removed from mold (you can read A Tiny Obsession's post too)
  • Dries water resistant 
  • Comes in the widely used dough colour
  • Can be mixed with paint to attain other colours
  • And shaded with pastels for baked effect
  • Time to dry depends on climate and the size of the charm, but usually takes around 2 days for top layers to dry. 
  • Shrinks after it is dried
  • Clay is ridiculously light weighted,
  • Yet durable enough to withstand abuse

What I made so far (⌒∇⌒

Only the flower and macaron shells were made without a mold. 

I might update again if I try throwing a piece of dried Puffy into water.

Remember, because this is an air dry clay, place it in a ziplock bag and squeeze the air out then place it in an airtight container. Remember to check back once in awhile to make sure it's really not drying up. Make sure you keep the clay properly so you will not waste your money~

Hope that this was helpful for you and that you enjoyed it! Remember to check out Sophie and Toffee.
Thank you!

UPDATE! (16 April): Here's a 10% discount code for you! (24/5/12: Coupon has expired!)
8/4/13, New code! JCSV6NC, 10%

All photos are credited to ME! Do NOT steal and re-post them without permission!  ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ


  1. Hi! I really liked your review, as there are very few reviews of this clay, as you said. I'm interested in buying it because I read that this clay remains squishy after it dries. But I did not find any review that shows this. From your experience, does it remain squishy? Do you know of any clay that dries squishy and puffy? Because when I went to Japan, I bought a cell charm from "Café de Ni" brand, in the shape of a doughnut, and I love it because it can be squished, which resembles a real doughnut. When I first saw Fuwa Fuwa Mousse clay, I thought it was like that, because its name is fuwa fuwa, but I never saw anyone squishing it after dry. Sorry for such a long comment, but I really want to find a squishy clay. Thanks in advance! Hannah Sati

    1. Hi Hannah~

      No worries!
      Puffy does dry squishy! But one should exercise restrain and not squish it too much because it might still crack.
      I have a pack of Kutsuwa Fuwa Fuwa clay, but I have yet to try it. I intend to open that pack of pack soon so I will likely be doing up another review for it ^^
      Another clay that I know of that dries squishy is Daiso Clay.

      Thank you (:

    2. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply! I'll give a try with Mermaid Puffy, and perhaps Daiso clay. I look forward to your review of fuwa fuwa :)
      Thanks again!

  2. I loved your blog !! I was looking for a squishy clay and I thought that mermaid puffy was drying squishy but it doesn't !! On YouTube I found many tutorials about bouncing clay charms that does dry super squishy !! Plz make a review of it !!


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