Meiji Yan Yan!

Yan Yan Dance~! *:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*
Delicious cream and biscuit in a box.  

My mum didn't want to buy me one the other day, so I got one recently to satisfy my craving. Hehe.

They have different Japanese sentences on the each stick, but my Japanese isn't good enough to decipher what the sentence means 
It was yummy as always~ 

Even Tombot is here~

Picnik was bought over by Google (´A`) I do hope that the Google version will be as good as Picnik. Sad to see it go. Picnik advertised these three sites, AviaryPicMonkey and Google+ (which is rather user-unfriendly to me) Can also use Picasa.

Picnik is easy to use and quick tool for making collages. I liked it a lot even thought I used it for only a few months. 

Thank you

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