The Great Haul

Hi everyone!

I'm back with an update~ HAUL!! (´∀`)

I just made a huge haul from 2 online shops. One is Sophie and Toffee and another shop, which has since cleared their stocks, I shall refer them as Clay.

I enjoy having the feeling of excitement, waiting for my packages to arrive in the mail. Makes me feel really happy when I get my hands on it. I tend to look at the shop and the various items I want to buy and ponder for rather long, for a few days, to decide on my purchase.

My Sophie and Toffee  package came really quickly because I live in Singapore and it is registered mail.
Clay's package took the whole week as it was normal mail.

Here's my unpackaging video. (◕‿◕)

From  Sophie and Toffee, I got a lot of Padico items. Hearty Soft 200g, Mermaid Puffy Clay 50g (White), Water-resistance Clay Varnish (Matte), Sweets Paste Mold (Hard) and Sweets Soft Mold. I also got a set of 200 Turquoise 3mm rhinestones and a Japanese Snow Rabbit Cabachon.

The rhinestones were greener than I thought. Impulse buy, since I had mostly pink and purple rhinestones. The packaging for the hard mold was flimsy, and I tore it. (´_`。) The soft mold had a nice hard box. The soft mold is really big! The Ice cream scoop is really detailed! But I have no use for it at the moment.

Sophie and Toffee Haul!

From Clay, I got Grace Clay and a Floree Biscuit Mold. I initially wanted Grace Light, but it has dried up. However, Clay agreed to let me have it, for free! I managed to revive some, but that's for another post. (: The Floree Mold was a impulse buy. I just thought, "why not?" because it was on clearance is was very cheap. The Grace clays and Floree mold were really a lot smaller than what I thought!! Clay also nicely gave me some extra lightweight clay for free.

I now I have a lot of Japanese air dry clay. I will soon show you my epic battle to revive dried Grace Light and my personal experience with Hearty Soft and Grace. When I have time, I will make a proper review on Puffy, this time with White and maybe open the packet of Fuwa Fuwa in a the next few months.

So that's all from me for now~

Thank you!

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