Daiso and Rhinestones

Who doesn't love Daiso?

It's a land of AWESOMENESS!

I had been buying rhinestones from Daiso, before Sophie and Toffee appeared in my life. A mix-match of nail art stickers. My reasoning was that i didn't need that much rhinestones that Sophie and Toffee offers, which is 200 for each colour and size. That's a lot!

And then I realised, that this 2 packs of rhinestones, has 13 x 19 rows, effectively telling me that I had nearly 250 rhinestones of that colour/size. (; ̄д ̄)

Anyway, I just got this really nice lil box from Daiso's travel aisle.

It has 2 tiers. The first tier is a big compartment (bottom left), and the bottom tier has 8 smaller compartments, with a lid like a pill box. The 4 lids are actually joined and can be pulled out, allowing easy access to your rhinestones!

As time went by, I actually gotten quite a bit of rhinestones, I realised. And I just order a set from Sophie and Toffee. i have yet to recieve a comfirmation mail, though I have paid already. I ordered 3mm turquoise because most of my rhinestones are purple or pink.

I organised my rhinestones~!

Top tier -- Rhinestone sticker sheets, the huge teardrop rhinestones, my trusty smaller pincette

Bottom tier -- White flower, blue flower, small purple hearts, small pink hearts, pearls, teardrops, hearts, empty

I feel SO happy now that they are all organised neatly!! I love to organise my craft supplies. I love my craft supplies!

This box is really nice, small and handy~ (´ω`) They come in 2 colours, white and green. I might just get another one cause it's quite good for storing rhinestones. I mean, how much rhinestone of a certain size and colour could you have that it can actually fill the entire small compartment?

So this box gets loads of thumbups. I like to pick it up and open it, fiddle with it because it's so neat, cute and convenient now. *Current obsession.

True Story

That's all from me~ Daiso is really a magical land to me.

Over and out!


  1. True story indeed. I cannot agree more!


  2. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post. rhinestones


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