Online Names Dilemma

Do anyone spazz out over choosing of your online name?

I changed my blogger profile names a couple of times, from Rainbow Melancholia to Fuyumi to Joo.

Rainbow Melancholia is just too "trying-too-hard".

Fuyumi is so Wapanese, after all, I am a native Singaporean Chinese, not Japanese. I do like Fuyu, cause it's winter. I used to have my IDs as Dark Winter in Japanese. So Wapanese of me eh?

Joo is part of my name. I have a Chinese name, which I can simply use my han yu pin yin, which is a romanised form of my Chinese name. But it is really short. 2 words, 2 letters per word. I do not dare to use my full English name because my name is really too unique.

Neither do I have the confidence to be Wapanese, or to even decide on a Japanese name. I so called short-listed Rei, Reiko, Fuyumi. I want to know what these names means. When I searched up of names and meanings, I get distracted by other names!

Neither can I decide on an English name. Tania? Rebecca?

ENDLESS! Too many names and decisions! I'm a very very indecisive person. I want to appear normal and normal and not be judged for trying too hard to be 'cool' or Wapanese.

I'm so terrible at names too!

Well, I guessed what ever we do, we will always be judged. Inevitably I become conscious of that and thus explaining my so called 'dilemma'. Too bad for me.

On a side note, will be updating soon on Furitama Ball by Kracie.

I bought it a while back and just tried it this evening! Will edit my video soon and update with my review~


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