Craft Update~!


My first craft update ^^

If the embed viddy does not work, you can view it on YouTube.

Sorry my video is so long. I promise not to make such ridiculously long videos anymore.
It takes too long to upload anyway. :/
So you have to listen to my less-than-interesting-voice drone on about my charms for 9 minutes over! WAHAHAA!  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

These are clay crafts made over the past few years. I only became more active in fiddling with clay this year.

I might consider selling them. Very fun to make (^▽^) But I'm afraid my quality and standards are not up to it. Give me your views about this!

I am happy with my works and I do know I definitely have room for improvements.
Playing with clay makes me happy (⌒∇⌒)

I might still trying to make miniature items! Even though I do not have a doll house.

I got scared when I stare at dolls' eyes too long. Some are so realistic they look as though they have souls. I read things like Are You Afraid of the Dark, watched Killer Clowns and is one of those people who get freaked by clowns and dolls. But not that much. Thankfully.

But I digress. Minis are HARD to make. Snowfern-clover is my idol. She is AMAZING.

In my materials to edit before uploading list, I have Furitama Ball candy, Grace and Hearty clay for Youtube and Blog updates. I'm so lazy to move my butt to edit them hehe. I would normally update my Youtube and Blogger together. Easier to explain things with visual aids.

Also~ I finally got round to microwave my the Kutsuwa Eraser Kits I got from Love Melancholy. I don't have a microwave. I made them last year, and they actually work pretty well. Will also update and do a review on that soon(er). (:

So yes, I will move ma lazy butt to get they upload ready soon. Hehe.

Once again, another rather lengthy post. (:


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