Whipple in Singapore

Yes! Get that right!

Whipple in Singapore! Cheers for overrated hyped up DIY Japanese craft kits because of a certain Youtuber. Hehe.

Remember in my Day Out for Avengers post? I showed you that Takashimaya Departmental store in Ngee Ann City in Singapore had Whipple kits!

Is Orchard road/city too far for you? Do you live in the West?

Check out Kiddy Palace in Jurong Point! (Ok, that is really far in the East)
Yes, I filter-raped this image

There are obviously a lot less kits here. Tart, Macaroon, Doughnut, Cookie kits and White Whipple Cream Refill. Prices are pretty much the same. The good thing is, you wouldn't need to travel down to Orchard to buy them! I mean, if you live near to Jurong Point anyway.

(I arranged the boxes neatly. Somehow I tend to do that a lot, even in supermarkets.)

But you know what this means? It means that Kiddy Palace stocks these kits! And you can probably ask the Kiddy Palace outlet near you if they can transfer stock over!

I also heard that John Little has these kits, but the Jurong Point John Little does not have them. Maybe other outlets have them. Not very sure.

Hope this helps! Cya!


  1. Replies
    1. The cream by itself will be about SGD 10. The cheapest kit is maybe SGD 20 and can cost up to SGD 50
      Takashimaya changed their stock to the hot pink packaging by US from the Japanese packaging in my post above. The Japanese packaging has kits the costs up to SGD 150 because it is an extremely big set of Whipple.


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