Daiso Cabochons

Hi guys!

It's been very very long since I've blogged.

I have filmed a few videos here and there, but haven have the time to edit them, as mentioned in my earlier post. I'm really busy, especially since my Cambridge "A" level examinations are coming up in less than 80 days!

I'm rather happy~ ^^
My YouTube channel is gaining subscribers! I have 23 subbies now! Do subscribe to me too ;D

Here's a quick post from me today, about Daiso Deco Stickers!

These are sold 5 in a pack for SGD $2! Really cheap in my honest opinion, since each cabochon is effectively $0.50.
The quality of most of them are pretty good.

I'm comparing them to those sold in Sophie and Toffee.
A few of these designs can be found there. I'll make some comparison. Those found on S&T have similar quality.

Choco bar in Sophie and Toffee ($0.70) comes in more colours and is less dark. Daiso's choco bar is nearly black! @_@ But the quality is there <: br="br" nbsp="nbsp">
Waffle ($0.70) in S&T has deeper grooves, more detailed.

Yellow Ice Cream ($0.60) I LOVE this. Super cute! It's on my DS now ^^

I love you Ice Cream ($0.50) They use to have the pink one, I guess it's sold out.

Lollipop ($0.60) Cuteness~

Doughnut ($0.70)

Cake slice ($0.80) Technically it's different colour.

*I swear that choice cookie at the right bottom is freaking cute*

But why I bought them was because it's cheap and affordable. And my plan was to find mold making material so I can use these cabochons as masters to create molds. ^^,

Why is it called Deco Stickers?

This is because the manufacturers stucked double sided tape to the back of the cabochons!

But!! It's easily taken off, without damaging the cabochon ^^

Peel of the top layer and stick it straight on your phone or anything. The tape is pretty strong. The ice cream on my DS is still there. I pulled the ice cream out once in a while cause I'm bored. It pulls off cleanly with some effort and the cover isn't stained with anything.

Disclaimer here! I'm not telling you not to buy from S&T. I've purchased from them quite a fair bit. But I happened to chance across Daiso's cabochons and decided to share it. Both have their pros and pros.

Ahh, I feel like going on a shopping spree at S&T now!! Anyone want to gift me a gift voucher because I'm amazing like that? ^^ Hehe~

Thank you for your kind attention!


  1. nice! can u tell me where to buy re ments? thanks

    1. I don't have re-ments but I've seen Seimon-cho selling. You can try online shops too. (:


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