Furitama Ball

Finally manage to edit the video!

Could not find the files, and I filmed this a month ago!

Again, I got this candy kit from LoveMelancholy. Furitama Ball series has been discontinued. On to the review~

Easiness - 9/10
Super uber duper easy~ Just pour the powder then water and water and powder and viola~!
As always, the Japanese makes sure that the instructions are easy to follow. The powder are all labeled or colour coded for easy reference..

Taste - 7.5/10

The gummy tastes just as most Popin' Cookin. Very, cold, soft, slightly gross texture, that taste of grape. There are little candy bits in the gummy.

The foam is AMAZING! And don't worry about not being able to taste that foam! Gumi Tsureta has similar tasting foam! LoveMelancholy sells that too. It tastes sweet and sour and fizzy. Hard to describe, but real nice!

I made use of cookie cutters to make shapes. I know sakura viewing season is over, but oh well (:

Hope you enjoyed!

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