I think I'm not cut out for this

I used to think Blogging and Vlogging is easy enough.


You may have the topics ready, you may be able to edit videos, film them nicely, take photos and post them. But however nice they may be, however great your skills are... You can never succeed if you lack discipline.

That's why my Youtube Channel and blog has been pretty lonely.

I'm sorry for promising so much and yet lack so much self-discipline to edit my videos. OTL

On a side note, I've starting trying my hands on miniature clay strawberries and blue berries. So far they are looking good.

I also purchased resin in December, and some molds. Hopefully I can get my lazy but to make some stuff.

I want to embed flowers in my resin pendants though. Stickers are rather kiddish. What flowers are good for resin?

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